Others < ZZ or CC standard Z purlin ready to be customized ie for Saucer

 8          Raised purlins also works with hot rolled. Located under Steadman. This (No.8) also does Metsec (the second last one on page) two in line purlins and centre plate to hip. Beam properties / position / rotation / ‘top’. As connection fin plates are welded to ‘top’ face. I had to alter the hip beams on a job from ‘below’ to ‘top’ and the most peculiar thing came about. If you change from from below to top and ‘load’ and then modify it doesn’t work and yet if you modify without loading it works fine.

11         bracing end plate fixing. I have just used this for twin rsa’s ie to the outside of one of the rsa’s

14         Metsec simple hip two bolt

14         Steadmans simple hip can be altered by clicking on bolts to give 4 bolt. Also it works on Metsec

14         beam end to beam end through as splice. second row down, second from left. Ensure you put in all hole edge distances or plate will not be in line.

23         chs welded to chs

26         Metsec file transfer If fatal error shows open metseclog.data file with notepad

27         Metsec diag. wire

27         right hand side UB to 90 deg UB If a stiffener is not wanted type in thickness as 0

27         LEFT HAND SIDE CAP PLATE shows two top horizontals but works with one.

28        Metl – Con  roof purlin cleat profile BL140*10   M175065150 this will probably also work with other sections.

29         end plate sloping beam ie top of stringer hand rail post. Beneath plate sizes leave seat, L seat        & fitting plate blank or it doesn’t work.

30         packer between beams crossing each other as in say bracings

32         Simple end plate giving plate sizes from bolt centres in both in x and y direction.

39         column seating

40         Portal Eaves Haunch also 102

41         Knee joint, pick horizontal member first

42         std. splice also 132

49         Notch and weld end. Fill in all sizes depth down. It works and it’s very handy. If cham. req. go to  parameters bottom r.h.s. add chamfer size, if top chamfer only required it will do this. Similar to detailing  cut part with part which does not have welding.

56        Splice to both sides or either side. Hoop Ladder stringer (65×10 or whatever) and hoop straps.

77         web splice only. insert zero thickness for other plates. Drop down in weld prep. gives one side pl.

83         stringer side mount for handrail post. Such as flat bar stringer.

S94         Tapered Beam with flange and Web sizes

101      BOG STANDARD END PLATE NOTE END GAP IS PUT IN IF YOU DON’T SET TO 0 ON PAGE 1. untick BCSA notch. 144 is a similar connection

102        Eaves Haunch also 40. Go to parameters add size from centre of rafter to btm. inside of haunch. Play about with this and haunch to get it’s overall sizes correct.

102       Standard Metsec purlin cleat PROFILE to read FLT130*10 IE NO DEPTH

103       BOG STANDARD FIN PLATE When using on RSA’s change rotation to below. This connection also     works on cold rolled sections.  untick BCSA notch. 10mm gap. 146 is a similar connection.

105        SECOND ROW SECOND FROM RIGHT. BLANKS OFF A MEMBER AND FITS FIN PLATE. To rotate fin plates go to Parameters and change rotational position in first box. Plan view seems to the default. To change fin plates ie put bottom one to top go to Parameters centre bottom option shows fin plate dotted use this one. Gusset plate comes from main part, tee flange blanks off box, tee web comes from centre of box. holes 1 use same backmark say 45 mm from toe  1 in centre.

106        APEX HAUNCH 

115       Through member sandwiching a member Common end plates. note this component has excessive end clearance as default about 2/3 mil best changing this to 0. Note 3 member selection.

116        r.s.a. connection ideal for stair treads sometimes one has to play about with axis. con 141 does the same job. Workshop means welded, site unwelded. Doesn’t always work with ‘general’ at auto change to and try +x +y and +z

117        Just another r.s.a. cleat thru’ connection watch the welding it allows one to bolt and weld. Miller Steels

118         Steadmans side rail connection. I presume roof purlin is the same.

120        Used this on the GH Welding job for both roof and sides. When attaching to a 178×102 post only take it

              half on to the 102 mm size.  Z Purlins 170 x 0.16

132        std splice also 42

141        Must try this as con.116 on stair treads didn’t work properly on last job.

142       Two sided end plate.   GH Welding

143        2 sided clip angle used on JW Carpet Belhaven job

144        end plate with shims  shims can have long slots so they can be inserted after bolts are in place. as 29 Similar to 101 but with web stiffeners.

184       fin plate connection full length with chamfered inside corners. similar to 103


1003      WEB STIFFENERS. puts chamfers in plate to suit section radius

1004      3 HOLED OR LARGE OFFSET BASE PLATE also 1042

1031      Notched base plate or corner base plate

1038      Stringer base plate

1042      STANDARD BASE PLATE also 1004. Note default hole tolerance is set too big at 6mm

1052      round end plate ie to CHS also end base plate with holes. Parts > B= Dia. say 168

Safegrid (1)  Lionweld with lots of spec. options. At the very end of catalogue.



Section start prefixes 


SH   square box sections

CH   circular hollow section

RH    rectangular hollow section

UB   universal beam

UC   universal column

AN   all angles

PL   contour plate

FL   flat bar

PF   parallel flanged channel

TR   tread

PU   purlin

TE    tee

SR    solid round

SS    square solid

RS    rectangular solid

DE  sub parts


Allocation of purlin makes to various completed contracts


Travis Perkins      56.155M x 18.632M     job TRA.01        Ayrshire Metals

CV Carmichael  Myergormie     job CVR.43        Metl-Con  40330 mm lg x 11332 mm wide

CV Carmichael  Beatson            job CVR.47        Ayr-Zeta  Ayr-C sides

Major Draughting                        job MAJ.4A        Metsec

AJ Reid                                                  Steadman 33160 mm lg x 15232 mm Wide

Calder Fabs.                                                               Steadman

Legge steel                   22132 LG x 11712 mm wide                Steadman


Purlins to insert

I wanted to know how to do it without a known angle. Open a section on rafter(s) view. Draw a construction line at right angles to top of rafter. Set new X,Y,Z with X along top of rafter. Bring up a plan view at the nearest height. On the correct side of building  insert above purlin, play about with the purlin properties (left, middle, right, above, below etc.) and one can get it correct.  I don’t know if this is the easiest way but it worked fine for me.

Fin plate con 103 on RSA

I couldn’t get this to work initially. Changed the orientation of the RSA from back to below and general / to + Z another useful command I came across was tools / swap handles. This last cropped up on a job for Calder Fabrications. Watson street stairs job Cad.91 I’ve just had to use this again on job Wel.30 the rsa was at 45 deg. and initially I couldn’t get the depth on notch correct. Go to notch page in component , first line r.h.s. , change picture to give c.l. beam to edge of notch and overall depth and it worked fine. Also if it won’t work you can try inserting the beam in the other direction. The beam position ended up middle, below, behind. I think it is also relevant to have the ucs in the standard position in the view that you do the connection.